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Never Alone White Lies

Постер песни White Lies - Never Alone
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  • Исполнитель: White Lies
  • Название: Never Alone
  • Длительность: 7:34
  • Лейбл: [PIAS]
White Lies - Never Alone
White Lies - Never Alone
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Текст песни Never Alone
I really tried to be good
But goodness, won’t come easy to me
You’re too good in your own ways
In others, you’re evil like me
When they call my name, I’m the first to smile
I put a few feet wrong on the moral pile
When I break the rank, I’m the first to gloat
And its a nice trip down
In the eye of the rope
In the eye of the rope
I put a coin in a cold hand
Still I seem to hurt everyone
Now, I’m the dud, I’m the short strand
I’m the burning wink in the line of a shotgun
You in your tall lighthouse with that broken light
I’m gonna suffer on your rocks if it takes all night
You’re the one clean soul in the back of a church
Go on, avert your eyes
This is going to hurt
This is going to hurt
I went bare-foot out into dirty snow
Saw the fires at the black with a sinful glow
There’s an angry mob all downing pixel fuel
Taking blood with a lash from the skin of a fool
You can blame it on the web, on the sugar and fat
Entertainment is a spin on an urge unwrapped
You can try another hammer just to hammer it home
But any modern thought
Is never alone
Is never alone
But any modern thought
Is never alone
Is never alone
But any modern thought
Is never alone
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